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Oct 12, 2021

Contemporary Cabinet

Contemporary Cabinet’s design is minimalist but not means it's simple. A contemporary cabinet would usually avoid using decorative trim or complex curves. To achieve this effect, contemporary cabinets would come with a flat surface door or modern shaker door design. After borrowing design elements from the modern design movement. This fully styled cabinet design will give the house a streamlined, minimalist, and clean look.

Our contemporary cabinet door materials could be made by PET panels, MDF with painted panels, or Melamine panels (TFL). There are more than 100 standard color and texture combinations of decorative panels with or without glass that you can choose for your new cabinets. Meanwhile, we also can manufacture MDF pure color-painted profiled doors with or without glass, for example like modern shakers that could also perfectly match contemporary cabinet styles. TFL or MDF, with all of those combinations, you will find the perfect one in our place.

For our premium-level contemporary cabinet, we have a high standard for our cabinet’s panels and hardware selection. We provide multiple-layers painted MDF finish and a high-quality Italian-made PET panel option. For the PET panel, you can choose either gloss or matte surface. No matter which surfaces finish, they are both eye-catching and adding a contemporary look to the cabinetry. Same as other style cabinets, hardware will only choose from Berenson, BLUM, and other equivalent quality brands. Please come to our showroom when you have the chance. Once you have a touch of our beautifully crafted cabinets, you will fall in love with them.

We, Castle Craftsmen, proudly manufacture luxury, homey feeling, high-end cabinets for our customers.