Creating custom-built closets starts with a company that understands your specific lifestyle needs. A company that knows how to create a design that helps you keep organized while showcasing the pieces that are most important to you.

Castleman Craftsmen have the design and installation knowledge to help build the closet of your dreams. From custom shelves and cabinets to storage islands and display areas, we can create a closet that is a reflection of your personal style and taste.

custom wooden walk-in closer with center island
custom closet with shelves and cabinets

Luxury Walk-in Closets

Keeping your clothes in mint condition begins with an effective closet organization system. This should be a reflection of style and function that allows you to easily access and store your pieces. Whether you want to create a department store vibe with custom length spaces to hang your dresses or suit jackets, to storage drawers for jewelry and makeup, you need a design that incorporates the design and style elements that are essential to your everyday wardrobe.

Interior designers have the ability to create the best walk-in closets by carefully selecting finishes and elegant accessories. Many modern luxury walk-in closets also feature accessories such as a washer and dryer or a laundry chute. Custom features like built-in vanities, islands, and custom mirrors help finish off the room with an added sense of luxury and refinement.

Custom Reach-in Closets

Even if you have limited space, a custom reach-in closet can still allow you to maximize your storage and functionality. With the help of experienced custom closet designers and installers, you can make even the smallest spaces feel big and luxurious with custom shelving, hardware, and cabinetry. 

A reach-in closet uses items like valet rods, shoe racks, wardrobe lifts, and other storage solutions to enhance space and functionality. Pair with stylish exterior finishes that give your space a modern feel with doors that not only improve access to your clothes but also make a statement.

wooden open closet with shelves and drawers

Custom Cabinetry Toronto

Builders Benefits

We are trusted by many home builders across the GTA. As local custom cabinet manufacturers, we earned our reputation by consistently providing excellent craftsmanship and unbeatable customer service. Here is just a sample of what you will get:

custom built in closets with shelves and sitting bench with drawer

Custom Built-in Closets 

Your custom built-in closet will begin with a consultation with one of our design experts who will review what features are most important to you such as shoe shelves, jewelry drawers, and on-design features. Some of the most popular walk-in closet add-ons include:

  • Adjustable shoe shelves for all-season shoe storage
  • Custom peninsula or island
  • Laundry area 
  • Jewelry and valuable storage
  • Custom rods for ties, belts, and wardrobe lifts

Your design expert will also review what other features can enhance the overall look and feel of your space such as the addition of an island or space to store valuables. A custom built-in closet allows you to take advantage of your wall space and floor space to create a closet that has everything you or your family need to get ready in the morning.

custom design walk in closet room

Castle Craftsmen Excellence

Custom Closets Toronto

Custom Closets Toronto

The experts at Castle Craftsmen will help you take your closet vision from dream to reality. We can help you incorporate the luxury items you want to improve the look and value of your living space while increasing functionality. 

Contact us today for a free quote and consultation and discover why we are the number choice for custom closets in Toronto.

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