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Sep 10, 2020

Castle Craftsmen Hardware

There are over thousands of different hardware manufacturers in the market. Blum, Salice and Grass are considered as top tier cabinet hardware manufactures that provides various range of functions covering your everyday necessity. We have established a close and healthy partnership with these brands for a long time. All suppliers can produce wide range of undermount runner mechanism, hinge system, lift-up mechanism, and various types of drawer boxes. From 10” up to 22” drawer slide, they can provide both soft close and tip-on soft close with full extension based on the requirement of interior design and material. And also, hinges can be perfectly installed on every door profile whether it is contemporary, traditional or transitional cabinet style. These hardware companies are the one that produces luxury hardware for high-end cabinets that suits our production standard and our customers’ requirement in terms of quality and aesthetics. Only what you can’t think of, nothing we can’t do.

Hardware is a detail that can easily become an afterthought with all those moving parts, but the right handle and knob can make a significant impact visually, elevating your room in the most effortless and elegant way. Berenson and Top Knobs are the representative of the most luxurious and magnificent handle manufacture for stylish decorative hardware in North America. The extensive selection of premium handles and knobs proves their dedication to development within cabinetry industry, that Castle Craftsmen and our clients would like to appreciate. With a quality reputation for design, our customers are secured to obtain the best possible products.

Castle Craftsmen always pays extra attention to the details of even the tiniest part. For example, the wine pin is from the prestigious Italian brand – Salice for great quality and reliability; the waste recycling system is from one of the top-rated German company – Hailo regarding the professional waste management and separation systems.

The professionalism and customer satisfaction are what we are pursuing for the high-end cabinets. Until we reach the best, we will never stop to do better.